Everything is creativity, in every change and in each individual. Alden B. Dow (architect)

Hi, I’m Elisa Cipolli and I’m a graphic designer.

I started my career in a printing company in my home country, where I was involved in the layout and post-production of all the materials that would then go to print (offset, digital, hot…). The pre-printing knowledge acquired in that context still allows me to finalize the work in a precise and accurate way. Over time, as an executive graphic designer I became a creative graphic designer and started designing brochures, leaflets, posters, wine labels and other promotional materials for printing.

From the province I moved to the city and here I met the world of advertising with the role of executive graphic designer at agencies, and then moved on to work for the non-profit, always as a graphic designer. In this context, very tiring but very rewarding, I got to acquire notions of marketing and fundraising and to try my hand, together with the team of which I was part, in the design of campaigns, packaging and great set-ups. These years have also strengthened my passion for social and recently became a founding member of the Palo Giallo Association (www.palogiallo.org), a place of welcome and support for all and for different types of inconveniences, of which I am following the visual identity. 

Today I am a freelance graphic designer and I follow the works from their first stage of creation until finalization, whether they are intended for the press or the web.

I have always looked for new challenges, out of curiosity, passion and to increase my knowledge: the current goal I am dedicated to is the creation of websites on WordPress.

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